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CARAT: 1.25




 All gems from The Vault are shipped in an exclusive, lab specimen gem box and luxury Miško packaging as a keepsake. 

Iolite Info

Mineral: Iolite

Colour: Violet Blue

Mohs Hardness: 7 to 7.5

Anniversaries: 21st Wedding Anniversary

Metaphysical; Growth, Healing, Energy

This silicate of aluminum, iron, and magnesium has two distinctive features a beautiful, violetish blue through slightly violetish blue hue derived from iron and a striking, eye-visible pleochroism. Its pleochroic colours differ with its bodycolour. Iolites that appear violet display light violet, dark violet, and yellow-brown pleochroic colours. Bluish iolites display colourless to yellow, blue-grey, and dark violet pleochroic colours. From some angles, then, a bluish iolite can actually appear completely colourless or yellow, and a violetish iolite can look brown.

Iolites are usually cut as faceted gems, but they are also frequently cut into cabochons.

The size range for a fashioned iolite is anywhere from 1 to 10 carats. Fine iolites over 5 carats are rare.

Information Source: www.gia.edu

All stones are sourced by Ele who is GIA certified in Diamond, Coloured Gem and Pearl Grading. She sources from reputable Australian suppliers. 

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